Got some work in LogoLounge 4.

Got some work in LogoLounge 4.

Some of you logo design fans have probably already scoped out the new Logo Lounge 4 (Rockport Publishers). This is the latest in the Logo Lounge series of design books—and I might add, every one of them is excellent. The level of work is superior and the logo design is nothing short of inspirational.

So, of course finding out that I had a handful of pieces selected for the latest edition was definitely a shot in the arm and a good reason for taking a two hour lunch!

Anyway, here are the selected works. Hope you like them.

By the way, I have a collection of other logos that were in the previous editions: LogoLounge 2 and LogoLounge 3. They are listed under my other identity, Hubbell Design Works.

You can also check out their website at: