Logo design and the art of sketching.

Logo design and the art of sketching.

The importance of sketching well in the creative field–especially logo design, couldn’t be stressed enough. Being able to visualize your concepts and have them translate to your clients and colleagues is a beneficial asset to you and your team–and that’s well before you show them your finished work.

You can get dozens of thumbnail sketches down in the course of an hour and figure out what’s effective and what’s not. Too many times, I have found that young designers today are going straight to the computer instead of working out their thoughts on paper. This skips an important step in the concept process that gives you a chance to weed out ideas that aren’t working, or further develop others that are. Leaving this out often shows in work that appears stiff, lacking good composition and craft.

Another benefit to being able to sketch is a situation that can creep up every once in awhile–the client doesn’t quite get it. Nothing helps sell an idea better than being able to roll up your sleeves and show them what your thinking right there in person. Not to mention, you can get a few extra hearty doses of creative respect.

Not so good with the sketching? Maybe all you need is some practice. You could enroll in a life drawing class at your local college. Sometimes there are groups of artists that meet once a week to sketch together. Check with your colleagues, or look into some listings in your local arts district. There are always books, too.

To illustrate my point (pun intended), I have included a few of my own logo designs with their respective sketchbook pages. Enjoy.