It’s for real now.

It’s for real now.

After giving this personal design goal a lot of thought, doing it the way I was doing it didn’t seem right.

It didn’t seem right to bury this blog with the constant stream of icon designs and completely ignore the regular content. It was like it didn’t exist anymore. So, I decided that the smart thing to do was start 300 Random icons as its own blog. Now, all the work will be posted and categorized right there for easy browsing and commentary.

I certainly hope you like it. And feel free to come back often.


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  • Ray Vellest

    I’m facing a similar problem over my own blog. Last year a supplemental area on my blog to write about stuff that inspire me but is outside my blog main topic. While I have hosted in a separate folder, so to keep the main RSS feed clean of it, I realise now that I should have started a whole new blog all together.

    • leighton_hubbell

      I was realizing that my audience for this blog may or may not want to follow along on the 300 Random icons project and I was burying my content. I also starting seeing a good fluctuation of RSS subscribers. It was time to make the move.

      Thanks for your support, Ray.